Our swimwear pieces are environmentally friendly. They are made of 100% Recycled Nylon.

When you choose Barefoot Baby’s swimwear styles made from recycled nylon, rather than swimwear made from new nylon, you are helping to clean oceans, clear landfills and re-use nylon waste. Your choice results in reduced carbon emissions and greatly saves the earth’s precious resources.




Our beautiful bodysuits and T-shirts are made from Bamboo.

Bamboo is a sustainable fabric naturally breathable making it very comfortable to wear even in hot climates. The fibres allow for a wave that naturally regulates temperature. When it’s cold, the same principle of thermoregulation applies, it helps your little one to keep warm.

Not only that, bamboo is absorbent and keeps moisture away up to four times faster than cotton.

Bamboo is also considered a Hypoallergenic fabric ideal for our little ones sensitive skin. This ultra-soft fabric won’t irritate their skin.




All our clothing comes wrap on our carefully designed linen bags. Known for one of the most sustainable fabrics.

Linen is absorbent, breathable, strong and unlike regular plastic bags or other wrapping materials, you can re-use them! Just an added value when you purchase our Barefoot products.